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About the Region of South Bohemia

Profile of the South Bohemian Region

For some time now South Bohemia has been perceived primarily as an agricultural region with well-developed forestry and pond management. It was as late as the previous century, however, that the region experienced the development of industry focused on processing activities.
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Why to invest in the South Bohemian Region

The Region of South Bohemia is a relatively compact area having some advantages over the other regions both within the Czech Republic and within the rest of Europe. Owing to the rather rigorous natural and social conditions at work since the historical times where under the local population was gradually built, a great deal of the regional inhabitants were inured to switching jobs and changing their work skills as currently needed, also several times in a lifetime, a practice not at all common in the neighboring regions of Europe.
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Access to South Bohemia

The Region of South Bohemia stretches alongside the southern border of the Czech Republic which separates the region from Austria (the Upper and Lower Austria) and the Federal Republic of Germany (Bavaria). The region covers 10,057.3 km2, i.e. 12.8% of the total area of CR and the greater part of it lies at the altitude between 400 and 600 m above sea level.
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